The Myobz, LLC Project.
(2006 operations in Yuma, AZ) Energy Star Article
Myobz was selected by Energy Star for an energy upgrade.

Three Shell gasoline stations and convenience stores in Yuma, AZ, financed a major energy efficiency upgrade with a loan from US Energy Affiliates of Atlanta, GA coordinated with installation services from APS Energy Services of Phoenix. The strategically coordinated finance and upgrade produced a “positive cash flow” in which the monthly loan payments are less than the amount the facilities are saving on energy. The stations, operated by Myobz LLC of Carlsbad, CA, range in size from 2,600 square feet to 7,000 square feet, with operating hours ranging from 18 hours to 24 hours daily. Both exterior and interior lighting are crucial to marketing to motorists and are a major energy cost, so this was the first consideration in the upgrade.

Interior lighting was upgraded from T-12 fixtures with magnetic ballasts to T-8 fluorescent fixtures with electronic ballasts, and new T-5/HO fixtures were used in the outside canopies. These improvements not only save money, but can help increase sales with higher and better quality exterior illumination to enhance retail merchandising. New programmable thermostats reduced overall energy usage of the HVAC units and improved comfort and control, while the installation of new heat pumps reduced electricity consumption and the risk of product and sales loss from unit failure.

Another upgrade implemented by Myobz was the installation of door “misers” in the convenience stores’ refrigerated glass display cases. Cases in grocery/convenience stores contain heating strips that prevent moisture forming on the cold glass and frames. These small heaters typically operate continuously even though they are necessary only a fraction of the time. Door misers monitor the units for condensation, and allow the heat strips to turn on only when condensation is detected. In addition, new evaporative coolers were installed to reduce energy use of walk-in cooler fans by 40% to 50%, which also reduces compressor operation and increases the life of the fan motors. The $120,000 upgrade implemented by Myobz LLC is producing annual savings of $24,000 by saving 180,000 kWh of electricity, while preventing 288,000 pounds of C02 emissions each year.

Here's what Ron Myhro, President of MYOBZ, LLC, had to say after upgrading:

“I am always looking to lower my overhead. When US Energy Affiliates told me that I could lower my energy bills without any capital expense, I thought it sounded to good to be true, but since I have made 3 of my sites energy efficient, I have lowered my overhead, made my stores more attractive & seen an increase in sales due to the improved lighting & comfort to both my customers and employees.”

With the addition of new, energy efficient lighting, doors misers, high efficiency evaporator fans and new HVAC controllers in 3 sites MYOBZ, LLC is SAVING $530.00 PER MONTH, PER SITE for the first 6 months (Jan.-June) after implementing his energy saving project.

If you assume a margin of 5˘ per gallon, you would have to sell 10,600 additional gallons every month at each site to make an additional $530.00


If a 6 pack of beer has a $1.00 margin, you would have to sell an additional 530 six packs per site, per month at each site, to add $530.00 to your bank account each month.

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